Press Release: Local Enterprise Week 2019 – Tomorrow’s Technology Trends #MakingItHappen

The Local Enterprise Office technology seminar was based in Clare designed to give attendees the insights and intelligence needed to navigate the ever evolving technology landscape providing educational and expert talks from some of the key players in Technology in the West of Ireland. Showcasing cutting-edge technology from top tech companies and industry leaders, this event covered three main themes: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Autonomous Vehicles and explored how enterprises could become more competitive in the digital market. 

Ina With LEO Enterprise Week Making It Happen 2019

Block Chain - Practical Working Use Cases Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain can enable greater trust and transparency through decentralisation, cryptography, and the creation of new incentives. Best-known as the digital underpinning of cryptocurrencies, it has evolved into a foundational technology with promise in many areas. While the financial sector is investigating it as a means to replace expensive and inefficient payment systems, it could also reshape supply chains – particularly in combination with the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence.

The Benefits

The benefits and use cases of employing blockchain technologies traverse enterprises. Private and transparent automated electronic structures offer streamlined opportunities—including cutting out management bottlenecks, facilitating more efficient operations, and ensuring privacy—for companies in nearly every industry.

At the event I spoke about ten practical use cases of the Blockchain Technology.




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