I’m Ina O’ Murchu, an award winning Web 3 Technologist, a new technologies educator, and an early adopter of technologies.  

I’ve worked with Web 3 since 2003.

Web 3 Technologist & Technopreneur - INA
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From doubling clients sales to various Web 3 projects.  I have worked for numerous businesses online globally. You can view some of my work here.

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I run a digital agency called Social Web Strategy and have run various social media campaigns. I work with smart agents and data to help drive Web campaigns online. 

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Web 3.0

I often give talks on Data, Future Technologies as Web 3 Technologist. I built an ontology at the Insight Center for Data Analytics.

Web 3.0 Influence On Businesses

Web 3 technology is transforming the way businesses interact with customers, enabling them to provide more personalised experiences and targeted services…

Web 3 Technology Influence On Online Businesses
How Can Businesses Understand Web 3 Better

Understanding Customers & Markets with Web 3.0

With Web 3, businesses can access decentralised data, such as customer preferences and behaviour, that is not controlled by any single entity…

Clients & Projects

From My Blog

"Web 3.0 is the internet of trust & decentralized power."
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