Presentation: CARDANO SUMMIT 2021

The Cardano Summit is a global event for anyone interested in blockchain technology. Led by the Cardano Foundation and brings the Cardano community together. The Summit encourages individuals to  join the Cardano ecosystem sharing information through a series of global events about how Cardano’s blockchain technology is being used to create positive change around the world.

Cardano Summit 2021 was Cardano’s biggest event ever, comprising a mix of virtual and in-person events from around the world held on September 25-26 2021 and had four themes: Utility, Adoption, Governance and Impact.

This short talk on Web 3 had a focus on NFT’s and their uses as Utilities within the Cardano ecosystem and was given at the Portershed in Galway, Ireland.

P.S. 4th slide Image Thumbnail has been taken from Johnny Harris YouTube, where he explained NFTs.




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