I’m Ina O’ Murchu, an award winning Technologist, a new technologies educator, and an early adopter of technologies.  

I’ve worked with Web 3 since 2003.


From doubling clients sales to various Web 3 projects.  I have worked for numerous businesses online globally. You can view some of my work here.


I run a digital agency called Social Web Strategy and have run various social media campaigns. I work with smart agents and data to help drive Web campaigns online. 

Web 3.0

I often give talks on Data, Future Technologies & Web 3.0. I built an ontology at the Insight Center For Data Analytics.


Driving campaigns with Web 2 stories & content is an Art today. There are so many platforms, each with their own rules and algorithms, In the Age of the Algorithm, knowledge of these and how to harness their rules is priceless.


Data and Web 3

You need to measure what matters with your business. Data sets are examined to identify patterns, relationships and trends all of which lead to better Marketing campaigns.

Using AI powered Web3 – sellers are better able to understand the buying needs. Leading to greater profits in turn.

Clients and Projects

From My Blog

Web 3.0 is the next stage of the internet's evolution, where the power of the users is truly harnessed and the internet becomes truly decentralized.
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Ina O’ Murchu is an award-winning Technologist, a new technologies educator and an early adopter of technologies. With a background in STEM, she has worked with data and researched the Semantic Web since 2003. She developed an ontology as part of her research at the Insight Center For Data Analytics, specializing in the Decentralized Web or Web 3.0, in Data & Online Communities. She currently works on a number of technology projects internationally.


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