Presentation: Compact Symposium 2020

The objective of the COMPACT project is to increase awareness (including scientific, political, cultural, legal, economic and technical areas) of the latest technological discoveries among key stakeholders in the context of social media and convergence. The project offers analyses and road maps of related initiatives. In addition, extensive research on policies and regulatory frameworks in media and content has been done.

15:30 GMT – Discussion Panel III – The future of ultra connected society 

The final panel will be devoted to free, open-minded discussion about the digital future where 5G and related technologies will certainly dominate our daily lives. We shall present agnostic scenarios and opinions to spin a discussion on the future of digitally interconnected humans, described by renowned author Yuval Noah Harari as“Homo Deus”. We shall explore the topics beyond technology and look at long term opportunities and impacts of wireless technologies on the 21 century society.




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This group is an open place to discuss the impact Technologies will have on society. With a rapidly aging population, people living longer than they ever have before and the threat of an Automation here this group aims to look at some of the solutions and issues that technology will bring globally everywhere.
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